August 25, 2017

Womens Styles

Browse our style galleries below, for some ideas on some of the finely tailored suits, jackets and blouses available at Classic Fashion.
Women’s suits and jackets

Remember, you can always send us a picture of a design you like, and our master tailors will reproduce the design to your exact requirements.

Women’s suits and jackets

Our tailors are highly skilled in tailoring women’s apparel. Visit us today, to discuss your requirements in further detail.

View some suit designs here

Women’s blouses

Click the following link, for some examples of the beautifully designed blouses that we can offer:

Women’s blouses

Women’s pants

We have some beautiful new styles, so call or email for further details, and check back to our style gallery often for updates.

View more styles here: Women’s pants

Women’s Top Coats

We can design your overcoat according to your preferred design. Feel free to drop round with any pictures that you may have found in a magazine, and we will use these as inspiration for your personally tailored design.

Take a look at the designs below by clicking on the following link:
Women’s Top coats